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so me and sammie have come to the conclusion that when i am drunk, i am hitler. just because im such a rotten bitch when i come home. sorry beth! least i admit it! so last night i went out. "just for a few drinks" yea nice job jackie, bc a few drinks turned into about 5 pitchers, redbull and vodkas, and some lemon drop shots. so i dont remember leaving but i came back, and made the usual scene. beth was ready to strangle me. mike was outside for 20 mins knockin on the door, why i didnt get it, or hear it is beyond me. but beth let him in apparently, and they were chillin in beths room. and what do i do? RUN INTO THE FUCKIN WALL! boom and the bitch goes down. i hit the floor, and was calling for beth who was ready to kill me. she comes out and is like holy balls. apparently it was much worse last night then it is now. but i dont remember, as usual. all i remember is mike holding me down and puttin ice on my head. my boy is amazing<3 kegs n eggs this weekend! shit is gonna get wildddddd. i need to get someone to pick up my shift saturday or i will be at work drunk. and that is never fun. uh i cant even think my head hurts sooooooo much. i called it a snow day. i've gone to a total of 2 classes this week, plus a test. and i did sooooo good last week! i went to every class. uh i need to get my shit together and do better this semester. i only need 19 credits to graduate! holy balls college flew by. what a great time<3 but im sick of school and im ready to carry a breif case and sit at a desk with pretty work clothes and crunch numbers all day long. and go to happy hour after work with co-workers. i am sad my boss sean is leavin at the end of the month. hes the best, and definetly one of my favorite people ever. road trip with jenny and carah to virginia beach to visit! i should move somewhere like that in a year. i need to get on this.... i must go ice my head<3
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