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she looks like a model except shes got a little more ass...

another crazy weekend has come and gone!
between gettin carried by my legs and arms down the street & waking up in a hotel room this morning, i'd say my life is out of control!
i love having keg parties at the house, and then of course i always end up at pearl.
and i even gave up my cherry vodka and redbulls a few weeks ago!
well it was andy's birthday weekend which was my excuse.
and last weekend was sammies bday weekend, another excuse!
and in two weeks i'll be 21!!!!
ahhh i cant wait, im way to excited.
last weekend of underage drinking, i best make it a good one<3
i made tonssss of cash this weekend, things are looking a bit better.
lets hope my bad luck streak doesnt make a come back.
i'm so anxious for school to be done and over with in may.
then i can move and live all by myself, and get a big girl job!!!!
another week of classes and work, it never seems to end.
least i have next saturday off!
which im sure will be spent cleaning this shithole of a house that no one ever seems to have the time to do.

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